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I was supposed to put up a new post today, March 2 (I’m the “First Fridays” Risky) but I just couldn’t get one written. I’m facing a medical procedure next week that has me a bit nervous, and I am scrambling to arrange my over-busy life so I can be laid-up for 6 days for the recovery time –which my doctor only mentioned to me on Wednesday! (I work in a one-person office for my day job….) Meanwhile, we haven’t been seeing many comments or indications that our faithful readers are still reading our posts, and we have been discussing making some changes –possibly doing more with our Facebook page and changing what we do here. Maybe this blog needs a medical procedure, too? Mine is supposed to help my blocked circulation, and I can see kind of a parallel here….

If you are here, reading the blog, do you have any thoughts to share with us about changes we might make? If we start posting more short bits on Facebook, would you follow us over there? Or if you aren’t on Facebook, would we be leaving you out? I guess I am wondering, would you miss us?

We’ll certainly keep everyone posted about whatever changes we decide to make. My apologies for not posting an actual article today!!

About Gail Eastwood

Gail Eastwood is the author of seven Regencies that were originally published by Signet/Penguin. After taking ten years off for family matters, she has wobbled between contemporary romantic suspense and more Regency stories, wondering what century she's really in and trying to work the rust off her writing skills. Her backlist is gradually coming out in ebook format, and some are now available in new print editions as well. She is working on the start of a Regency-set series and other new projects. Stay tuned!
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3 Responses to Thoughts and Excuses

  1. Susan in AZ says:

    Those are good ideas! I follow Eloisa James and Julia Quinn as well as the Riskies. Eloisa and Julia have departed from blog format into full-time Facebookers… Both of their sites have mini-facebook windows that show the latest few postings, and a link into the Facebook pages. Check them out. Perhaps the Riskies can make a similar change to this site, linking to a common Facebook page.

    Best wishes for your quick recovery. Cake helps. Lots and lots of cakes.

  2. Kit says:

    I, for one, would miss you if you went to FB; I don’t use it and I don’t like that it’s developing a monopoly on content on the web.

  3. Jane says:

    I hope you continue to do the blog. I find it physically easier to read than Facebook, and at least here the ads will be for something (new books) that I actually want to buy. Please keep some of the longer posts, even if you do go to mostly short ones. It’s nice to have something where the writer’s had space to develop an idea!

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