Book deals and mid-January

Do you find mid-January kind of bleak? The holidays are over, and I always feel a bit of a let-down. Putting away the decorations and what-have-you isn’t as fun as getting them out. Even the leftovers are usually all eaten up by now. (This year ours aren’t, yet, but that’s a different story.) As Charlie Brown might say, “Bleh.” But there are some good book deals out there this month, plus we’re not far from February now, the biggest month of the year for romance!

If you are looking for something new to read and you don’t mind reading “sweet” historicals, then check out this group of romances on special offer until January 20. You can find them here.

I think many of us here at the Riskies are on deadlines or involved in major projects presently. We are also, as we have been for the past year, pondering the future of this blog. Readership has definitely fallen off, but several of the regular Riskies have not been able to post this year and the rest of us haven’t been able to fill in with extra posts, for the most part. So there have been fewer posts to offer. Is that the reason for the fall-off, or is it just that blogs are less popular now than they used to be, before Twitter, Instagram, and so much else came along? I would guess it’s both….

At any rate, we are still here for now, and even if we decide to discontinue the blog at some point later this year, we don’t want the fabulous archive of all the past posts to disappear. We will certainly keep you posted if we decide to make changes.

In the meantime, happy mid-January, and happy reading! This is the very BEST time of year to curl up with a good story, the best antidote to the blah’s that I know of. What’s your favorite way to deal with mid-winter? Are you still here reading the blog?

About Gail Eastwood

Gail Eastwood is the author of seven Regencies that were originally published by Signet/Penguin. After taking ten years off for family matters, she has wobbled between contemporary romantic suspense and more Regency stories, wondering what century she's really in and trying to work the rust off her writing skills. Her backlist is gradually coming out in ebook format, and some are now available in new print editions as well. She is working on the start of a Regency-set series and other new projects. Stay tuned!
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Susan in AZ
Susan in AZ
2 years ago

Yes, I still read the Blog. Mid-winter in Arizona is not as bleak as mid-winter in New Hampshire, but I still like to curl up in sweatpants and read a feel-good Romance novel. A pre-made pot of hot tea is always ready to accompany my reading.

Gail Eastwood
2 years ago

Yay, Susan! Thank you for your loyalty and for still being here with us. We all appreciate you! I hope you have a great stash of stories to brighten up your days until the spring sunshine comes again. My sister (also named Susan, btw) also lives in AZ. I know she is looking forward to a great desert bloom this year after all the rain they’ve just had. (She’s in Phoenix)

Susan in AZ
Susan in AZ
2 years ago

I’m just about finished reading Yuletide Wishes by your own Grace Burrowes and Christi Caldwell. Both novellas are excellent… Grace was particularly funny with this one. I would not have known about the duology were it not for this blog. Please continue, even if posts are only a few times a year.

Barbara Monajem (@BarbaraMonajem)

I would love to read your posts, but I probably won’t think of it without being prompted. I only read two other blogs regularly, and it’s because I receive an email every time there’s a new post. Is there a way to get an email from this blog, too?

Also, I like to share blogs I enjoy. Is it possible to put share buttons on here?