Welcome to the Risky Regencies Contest Rules! Prepare to be delighted by me, Bertram St. James, Exquisite, as I explain the rules to you with the wit and humour for which I am universally beloved!

1. Each entrant may enter under only one screen name. Anyone breaking this rule will be disqualified (and also never invited to Almack’s — after all, no one likes a cheater.) If you think you can pull the wool (or silk) over our eyes, do think again! The combination of my perspicacity, the Riskies’ native intelligence, and the doggedness of my pet hedgehog (not to mention the hedgehoggedness of my pet dog) will detect all light-fingered, computer-using Captain Sharps.

2. To enter a contest, simply leave a comment on the correct post. And please, make it a thoughtful comment! It need not be clever or funny (though either would be much appreciated) but you do need to say something. (For example, if the question were “What do you admire most about Bertie?” acceptable answers would include “He is the most elegant gentleman who ever existed!” and “His hair is a miracle of both nature and art!”)

The only exception to this: we may, from time to time, have contests in which we give the prize to the comment we judge the most worthy (e.g. the most amusing, the most thoughtful, &c.) When we do this, we will clearly state this in the post.

3. Isn’t my neckcloth too beautiful for words?

4. Risky Regencies bloggers and their families (including hedgehogs) are not eligible for prizes, although of course they are allowed to comment and chatter as much as they want. (They will anyway.)

5. We reserve the right to limit any contest to a specific geographic area (i.e. we may say “this contest is restricted to residents of these-or-those countries”) due to difficulties or costs of shipping certain prizes.

6. All prize winners will be announced in a later post — so do check back to see if you have won!


Exquisitely Yours,

Bertie the Beau