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The Captain's Dilemma by Gail EastwoodThe Captain’s Dilemma
A fugitive in his enemy’s country, he is an escaped war prisoner trying to get home. When a baronet’s daughter risks charges of treason and her family’s safety to hide him and nurse him back to strength, neither of them expects to risk their hearts in a most dangerous game of impossible love!

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The Lady from Spain by Gail EastwoodThe Lady from Spain
Posing as a Spanish widow for safety’s sake, Falcarrah Colburne returns to England to find the men who killed her parents during the war in Spain. Jeremy Hazelton, Lord Danebridge, the handsome lord she meets almost immediately upon her arrival, contrives to make certain that she will need his help, for the government has assigned him to learn if the lady is a spy. Falling in love was not supposed to be part of unraveling her secrets. After he has lied to, stolen from, and spied upon her, how can he hope to win her trust or divert her from her dangerous path? Can she surrender the past to choose the risky road of love?

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The Persistent Earl by Gail EastwoodThe Persistent Earl
Nursing a wounded war hero back to health is no task for a wary and reclusive young widow, especially when the man is the Earl of Devenham, a notorious rake. Lady Phoebe Brodfield already helps to care for her nieces and nephews, but finds herself in no position to refuse. He has never known true love, and betrayed in marriage, she never wants to know it again. Can these two damaged souls heal each other? Unsuspected and escalating danger puts both their lives at risk, and they must solve a riddle from Phoebe’s past before they can discover a future bright with love.

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An Unlikely Hero by Gail EastwoodAn Unlikely Hero
The twin daughters of the Duke of Roxley have beauty, brains, wealth and rank, but they refuse offers of marriage and test all their suitors beyond limits. Badgered into attending a house party at the Duke’s palatial estate, scholar Gilbey Kentwell, Viscount Cranford, has agreed to help look out for his schoolmate’s sisters, knowing he is no candidate for their hands. But when he learns the secret they are hiding, and then finds they are threatened by a blackmailer, what’s a hero to do? Can he help them without losing his heart?

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A Perilous Journey by Gail EastwoodA Perilous Journey
Beset by troubles, a young runaway and her twin brother are helped on their journey by a handsome stranger who they later learn is the Earl of Brinton. Crowded inns, bad weather, thieves and Bow Street Runners in pursuit are not enough to stop either the growing attraction between Gillian Kentwell and the earl or the trio’s progress across the miles to Scotland, where Gillian hopes to find freedom and a new life. But will even greater setbacks ahead shatter the fragile trust forged on the road and destroy their chances for happiness?

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Regency Masquerades by Gail Eastwood, Elena Greene and othersRegency Masquerades (ebook boxed set)

Six beloved bestselling and award-winning Regency authors bring you six full-length novels of disguise, deception and secret identities. From sweet to subtly sensual, these traditional Regency Romances demonstrate that true love can see through even the most elaborate mask!

This ebook set includes Daring Deception by Brenda Hiatt, Lucy in Disguise by Lynn Kerstan, The Earl’s Revenge by Allison Lane, The Lady from Spain by Gail Eastwood, Gwen’s Ghost by Lynn Kerstan and Alicia Rasley, and The Redwyck Charm by Elena Greene.

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