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Traitor's Kiss/Lover's Kiss by Mary BlayneyTraitor’s Kiss/Lover’s Kiss

In the first two books of The Pennistan Family series, Gabriel Pennistan and Olivia Pennistan
find that love conquers hardship, loss and heartbreak.

In Traitor’s Kiss, Charlotte Parnell meets Lord Gabriel Pennistan, the Duke’s youngest brother, in a France facing Napoleon’s failed effort to take over the world. Surrounded by lies and deceit the two must overcome their own failures and learn to trust their judgment before they can trust each other.

Lover’s Kiss opens as Michael Garrett, traveling through the Peak District In Derbyshire, finds a young woman wandering through the woods naked and near death. Michael saves her only to become part of the intrigue and heartache that surrounds the Pennistan Family.

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The Other Side by J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, and othersThe Other Side

Anthology with novellas by JD Robb, Mary Blayney, Patricia Gaffney, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Mary Kay McComas.

“The Other Side of the Coin” Novella

In the spring of 1810 as the London Season is at its height. Bettina, the Countess of Fellsborough fears her husband is having an affair. Her husband, Harry, insists not. As they argue, she wishes that Harry could know what her life is like and he wishes his wife “could learn to trust him.” Their wishes are granted and each must live in the other’s body. It makes for confusion and comedy as understanding grows from heartache.

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