Anna Campbell over at Romance Bandits tagged me for the 8 meme (list 8 random facts about yourself). I was VERY glad she did, since I had no idea what to blog about this week! (It was a hectic week, my Pug got an ear infection, I didn’t finish the WIP like I wanted, and Dancing With the Stars had its finale…)

So, here ’tis! Way more than you ever wanted to know about me, Amanda.

1) This is no surprise to anyone here at RR, though it might surprise people at the day job, who think I’m a serious, fairly normal, grown-up person. In reality, I am a crazed fan-girl. I have Steady Boyfriend Orlando (Pirates of the Caribbean opens today!!), New-ish Boyfriend Matthew Macfadyen, and Totally New Boyfriend Apolo Anton Ohno. If only I could put up their pics in my cubicle…

2) Another factoid not unknown to the Riskies (and related to #1)–I do love cheesy things (as well as actual cheese, come to think of it. Especially Gouda). I love Hello Kitty, garden gnomes, travel souvenirs like teapots shaped like the Tower of London, DWTS, and Disney movies. Also 1930s musicals with huge production numbers, where Fred and Ginger (in dresses made of feathers!) dance in a fake Venice or rain-swept gazebo.

3) I love music like Turandot, Mozart, Ravel, and Miles Davis. But I also like Abba. Especially Dancing Queen. And that Waterloo song.

4) I’ve worked in bookstores and libraries, in the office of a company that sets up estate sales, a classical music radio station, the marketing office of the symphony, and now back to a library. Where will I end up next??

5) In grad school, I specialized in Elizabethan poetry, just to be sure I’m totally unfit for any “real world” job. Therefore, I’m hopeless at sales calls and Excel spreadsheets, but if you ever need the symbolism analyzed in Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella, I’m your girl.

6) I’m the oldest child in my family, I have one brother who is several years younger. He’s a snowboarder and mountain biker, and doesn’t much like to read. Sometimes I wonder how we ended up in the same family, but I love him dearly.

7) I love raspberries and chocolate, cherry gelato (also saying the word “gelato”), samosas, and pad thai with shrimp. I hate brussels sprouts, lima beans, liver, and bananas (okay, I don’t ‘hate’ bananas, but I don’t much like them).

8) If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Maui. Or the English countryside. I can’t quite decide. A bungalow near the beach or a cozy Tudor cottage?

I’m supposed to now tag 8 people, but instead I’m going to tag all of you! List your 8 in our comments–let us get to know you. Enjoy the holiday weekend, and be sure and sign up for our Riskies newsletter at Please don’t make us list 8 reasons why you should…