I am delighted to announce that MY LADY GAMESTER will be translated into German — and so I will join the other Riskies as one of the many foreign authors published by German romance publisher Cora. (It’s old hat for a lot of authors, but it’s a first for me, so I’m excited!)

So now I’m wondering….what will they call it? To educate myself, I checked out how Cora has changed the titles of some other Regencies. (I have had Todd and his dictionaries translate the German titles for us, to the best of his abilities, but he doesn’t vouch for their correctness. If anyone spots an error, please mention it!)


Betrayed and Betrothed


A Gentleman Bets and Wins! (Ein Gentleman Wagt — Und Gewinnt!)

And, yes, the exclamation point is in the German title — it wasn’t added by me!

I think the English title here is sharp — I love it — but I have to admit, the German title is fun.


The Marriage Debt


My Beloved Angel (Mein Geliebter Engel)

I think “The Marriage Debt” is an intriguing title, whereas “My Beloved Angel” seems a tad overdone to me… What do you think?


A Match for Melissa


Only a Long Waltz? (Nur Einen Walzer Lang?)

I think the English title is fine here, but the German title is really interesting, at least rendered in English! I’m guessing it means something like “Was it love…or was it only a long waltz?” 🙂


Twin Peril


With the Eye of Love (Mit Den Augen Der Liebe)

I’ve always liked the title “Twin Peril” — it’s fun, it’s unusual, and it actually tells you something about the book. “With the Eye of Love,” on the other hand? Not so much. (If a title can be used for any romance ever written, how can it not be boring?)


Cut From the Same Cloth


Enchanting Lady Elizabeth (Zauberhafte Lady Elizabeth)

Here too, the English title is less generic than the German. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with “Enchanting Lady Elizabeth” — but it doesn’t do anything. “Cut From the Same Cloth,” on the other hand, is unusual enough to make me curious.


Rosamund’s Revenge


Secret Love Letters (Geheime Liebesbriefe)

To me, “Rosamund’s Revenge” has more oomph, but “Secret Love Letters” is definitely interesting. (I presume it sounds a little more poetic in German.)

So…what do you think? Which titles do you prefer in the original, and which in the German?

And the question of the day: what do you think they’ll call MY LADY GAMESTER? (Bizarre or random guesses heartily welcomed!)

Cara King, author of MY LADY GAMESTER (not to be confused with My Lady Hamster)