This weekend I attended my husband’s family reunion in New Jersey near the Jersey shore, about 25 members in all, some from up and down the east coast, some from the west coast. On Saturday some of us drove into NYC and toured the Cloisters, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Medieval museum.

The park and building that houses the medieval collection were donated by Rockefeller and opened in 1938. The building was inspired by medieval architecture and covers collections from 1000 AD to the 1500s.
It was a real step back into that time period and all I could think of was how I wished my medieval author friends could see this place!
Here is some of what I saw:
A French Chapter House from the twelfth century –
The monks sat on the stone benches around the room for business meetings.

A Spanish fresco, ca. 1200s

My husband taking photos on the West Terrace overlooking the water.
Look what a beautiful day it was!

A painted box, ca 1200s, depicting the capture of Orange

The Unicorn in Captivity, ca. 1500s
A familiar image!

It was a wonderful day!

Have you ever discovered history when you least expected it?

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