For wont of another topic, none of which come to mind, I decided to give you a picture.

I collect architectural prints of the Regency, when I can find them. Some I have framed and hung in the den. Most are in a folder in my “book room” (too cluttered to be called an office or a library). A few are scanned.

Here are the ones from the den. You will recognize some of them; they are often reproduced.

Here is a scanned one, Theatre Royal, Covent Garden:
Covent GardenCropped
Most of my prints are post-Regency, I believe around 1828 and I daresay they were cut from books at one time or another, but not by me!

They are one way the Regency stays alive for me. I can just about put myself in the picture and lose myself there.

That brings me to my question.

Even though I love Regency Historical Romances, I don’t read many of them these days (although I loved my friend Mary Blayney’s One More Kiss). I can’t read them when I’m writing one, because if I get lost in that book, I won’t get lost in mine, or I may forget which book I’m lost in altogether.

I am curious though. Have you read a Regency Historical Romance lately that just blew you away? And if so, why?

Inquiring minds want to know!