This is the time when my family and I put together our holiday wish lists. We always put extra items on the list, so that what is finally chosen can be a little bit of a surprise. We also tend to keep it simple. Books and chocolate figure heavily.

I usually ask for something Austen or Regency-related. The Republic of Pemberley’s Cafe Press store has a lot of fun and affordable goodies. Some past gifts I still enjoy are my “I blame Jane” T-shirt and the “Intolerably Stupid” magnet.

The Jane Austen Gift Shop has some cool items this year. I’m drawn to the “Cooking with Jane Austen” because I love cookbooks. There’s also a set of perfumes themed according to the different novels–fun!

While looking for something else, I stumbled across a number of CDs of English country dance music. I already have some good Regency-related music. My favorite is “Jane’s Hand”: music from Jane Austen’s own songbooks performed by Julianne Baird. But these country dance CDs might be just the thing for writing ballroom scenes.

Have you started shopping? Run across anything interesting? Have anything special on your own list?