I’m on the mailing list for the Jane Austen Centre’s newsletter, and this month’s edition included this fun Regency quiz. A good pastime for a rainy (here, anyway!) afternoon. Enjoy! 🙂

A reticule was what necessary lady’s item?
1) A bonnet
2) A shawl
3) A bag

Which of these was not a Regency era carriage?
1) A phaeton
2) A chaise
3) A brougham

Which kind of flower was not available in Jane’s lifetime?
1) Clematis
2) Tulips
3) Hyacinths

A circulating library is what?
1) On a carriage that tours around
2) In a round room in a country house
3) A library that loaned books to members who paid a subscription fee

To cross a letter is to do what?
1) To sign an x instead of your name
2) To fill the page one way and then write in the spaces the other way
3) To proofread

To trim a bonnet is to?
1) Make it fit a younger sister
2) Add decorative items to it
3) Get rid of decayed fruits adorning it

A Regency gentleman was required to wear which item in the presence of ladies?
1) A hat
2) A coat
3) Gloves

Which supportive undergarment was most popular at the time?
1) A corset
2) Stays
3) A brassiere

Who could “frank” a letter?
1) The royal family
2) Members of Parliament
3) Judges

Which of these games was not a card game of Jane’s time?
1) Poker
2) Whist
3) Piquet

(I ended up getting 9 of 10 right, though I have to admit the flower one was a lucky guess!)