How sad is it that I went to title this post, only to discover that I had already titled a post “Aagh!”

But here it is.

I am way behind on my freelance work, sprinting to catch up, which reminds me of the running classes I’ve just started taking. And, to get faster, we do sprints–we run all out for 100 meters, do 12 of them with short intervals inbetween, and try to keep the time consistent.

I am consistent, but today I am sprinting. Hence the disjointed and short post.

But I am doing short bursts of writing–and reading, thanks to various subway rides–and know that I will get to the end, eventually. And maybe be a little faster because of the work I’ve put in on the way.

So–forgive my sprinting past today, and know it is all for the greater good. Plus, I’m putting in some fun pix to distract you.

Megan, off to run again

PS: Anyone seeing Duplicity this weekend? Report back, please!