Yes, it’s that time of year again! This Wednesday, September 19th, is the annual Talk Like A Pirate Day. What does that mean? Loads and loads of fun, of course! Since this special day only comes once a year, we need to take advantage of it. Wear your eye-patch to work, let your parrot out of the cage, and dazzle your co-workers with your extensive knowledge of pirate-speak.

Here’s a few useful words and phrases to help you get started:
“Arrrrggghh!” (the classic–all-purpose)
“Ahoy, me hearties!” (to use when you’re about to board the ship–or enter the copy room)
“Weigh anchor! Hoist the mizzen!” (set sail, chase the prize ship! Or go on your lunch break)
“Avast ye varmint” (drop the pieces of eight! Or bring back my stapler)

Some other useful grammar tips include:
Double up on adjectives–the more the better (it’s not a nice ship, it’s a “great, grand, glorious ship”)
Always drop your g’s (rowin’, fightin’)
Say “I be”, not “I am”
When in doubt, start your sentences with “Argh, me hearty”

Some websites to help you out:
Official Site (find events near you!)
Pirates and Privateers (some fun history and links)
More Useful Vocabulary

I’ve been doing research for my next project (to be started when the Sicily-set Regency book is done!), a tale of 16th century pirates in the Caribbean (starring Balthazar from A Notorious Woman), and I’m finding out that being a Real Pirate is not nearly as much fun as being a Movie Pirate. But I’m still going to call Talk Like a Pirate Day useful research and take full advantage of it!

If you could hold a Talk Like A Pirate Day party, what would it be like? Who would you invite (besides the Riskies, of course!)? What are some favorite pirate movies (besides Pirates of the Caribbean, I really love that old Errol Flynn cheese-fest Against All Flags).

And remember, when in doubt–Arrrrrggghhhh!