I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away! I still have to finish some shopping and buy ingredients for holiday cupcakes, but the dance recital is behind me (aside from one child’s eating-confetti incident, all went well and the little sugarplums were all adorable!) and writing work is waiting for me. It’s time to make a few Christmas lists.

I already bought some of my own presents, like a Kindle 3, a cute new purple bike (to encourage myself to exercise more in the new year–now that I’ve said it here I have to do it), and a ballgown that I guess will have to wait for RWA next summer since I can’t really wear it to Target or the dog park. I have a few things on my wish list I am pretty sure I won’t be getting. Like a villa in Provence:

Or Ian Somerhalder:
Or a tiara to go with my new dress:

But I do have a few things that are a little more feasible! And if you have another TV watching history geek on your list, they might like one of these too…

Big Ben and Eiffel Tower Barbies!

This Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire doll from Madame Alexander! (They also have a fab Anne Boleyn doll…)

The Mad Men box set

Anything Hello Kitty (of course!)

This ring from Tartx (or any numbers of things from there, they have so many gorgeous items…)

Balenciaga Paris shower gel (this has become my new perfume obsession this year!)

And books, CDs, and DVDs of costume dramas are always welcome under my tree! 🙂 (Books and movies are waiting to be wrapped for everyone on my own list–but shh! Don’t tell them)

Have a wonderful holiday, and thanks so much to all our readers for visiting the Riskies and making this so much fun for me! What is on your wish list this Christmas?? What have you bought for everyone else?