How is everyone this Tuesday? I am still laughing over the train wreck that was the Oscars program Sunday (I wonder if Anne Hathaway had to wander the after-parties with everyone asking her “So, Franco, WTH?”; also, it’s hilarious how everyone in Hollywood is acting like they never heard the f-word before) and plowing ahead with my WIP, which is due at the end of the month (gulp). I am currently at the point I reach in every story where I am tired of my stubborn characters who don’t want to do as I tell them and am therefore considering alternate career choices. I think I may have found a good one.

I have a writing friend, Alicia Dean, who I try to get together with on Thursdays to hit the happy hour at the Martini Lounge and then watch Vampire Diaries, it’s always good to have someone to yell things with so I’m not just a crazy woman shouting at the TV screen all by myself. And we have decided if the writing gig quits working out we’re going to open a vampire bar where, instead of sports on the TVs, there is Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Moonlight, and whatever else we can think of. We may need to move to New York to do this.

There will be great cocktails. Bloodtinis and something called a Bite Me, I think, as well as a “make your own Bloody Mary” bar…

There will be a dress code, of course, because it’s my bar and I need a place to wear my approximately 50 black cocktail dresses and these great new tall black boots I just bought….

I haven’t quite decided on decor yet. We could go old skool vamp, lots of red and black…

Or sort of Sherlock Holmes Victorian pub…

Or over-the-top Versailles baroque (I really like this one! There could be Marie Antoinette theme nights)

I turned to Megan for help with planning the music (since she knows more about music than anyone else I know!) and these were her (tongue in cheek) suggestions:

Bela Lugosi’s Dead–Bauhaus
Surf Bat–45 Grave
Release The Bats–Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Cemetery Without Crosses–Flesh Eaters (from Sex Diary of Mr. Vampire)
Sunglasses After Dark–Cramps
Dracula’s Wedding–Andre 3000
Dragula–Rob Zombie

I seem to have vampires on the brain these days, since I am planning to go to the Vampire Diaries convention at the end of the month! So excited–and watch for an article to appear soon after on the Heroes & Heartbreakers blog. (Admittedly, I will probably faint in the Ian Somerhalder Q&A session and will thus remember nothing afterward)

Now I need your help! This bar needs a good name–anyone have any suggestions? And if you could have any fantasy job you wanted what would it be?

(I also just got this review of The Shy Duchess, which should be on shelves–now…)