Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is I, Bertram St. James, here to thank you all for attending our party and dazzling us all with your wit and beauty! The patronesses and I can only hope you enjoyed yourselves at least half as much as we did.

And now it is my honour to announce the winners of the Treasure Hunt and daily prizes.

(The exquisite arrangement of my cravat deserves an award of its own, don’t you think? But as one of the hosts I am, sadly, ineligible for a prize. Sometimes beauty must be its own reward.)

Monday’s winner, to receive a copy of DEDICATION, by Janet Mullany:
Amanda (not McCabe!)

Tuesday’s winner, to receive a copy of MY LADY GAMESTER, by Cara King:
Moonlight Maiden

Wednesday’s winner, to receive a copy of LADY DEARING’S MASQUERADE, by Elena Greene:

Thursday’s winner, to receive a copy of THE STAR OF INDIA, by Amanda McCabe:
Amanda (not McCabe!)

Friday’s winner, to receive a copy of A SINGULAR LADY, by Megan Frampton:
Pam P (aka Lady Pamela)

Saturday’s winner, to receive a copy of LORD RYBURN’S APPRENTICE, by Laurie Bishop:

And the winner of the Grand Prize (autographed copies of books by all the Risky Regencies and more):


In addition, I myself would like to give a Surprise Award (don’t you love surprises?) which will consist of one of the patronesses’ backlist titles. So with no further ado, I hereby announce that the “Most Exceedingly Congenial Guest Award” goes to:


Kim W (aka Lady Kimberly)

Winners, please do us the kindness of sending an email to Please provide your name and mailing address so the patronesses can send you your prizes.

We thank you all for coming, and hope you will visit us often!

Bertie and the Risky Regencies

Janet Mullany

Cara King

Elena Greene

Amanda McCabe

Megan Frampton

Laurie Bishop