Oh, this is a week of ANTICIPATION for me!

First, I am eagerly awaiting the Risky Regencies very first COVER MODEL Interview!! Coming March 11 and 12

When my The Wagering Widow came out Feb 2006, the publicist for Richard Cerqueira, romance novel cover model, contacted me to let me know Richard’s hand was on the cover–and a much better image on the inside! I did some promotion for Richard at the Romantic Times Convention last year and he almost-almost-joined me for a booksigning on Long Island at Side Street Books in Patchogue (alas, he was out of town that day).

Now he has agreed to be interviewed here at Risky Regencies! He’s going to tell us all about the nitty gritty of doing a romance shoot and he’s also got some exciting news to share about his life….

Richard also will kindly offer us a prize: an autographed photo of him at a Romance Cover Shoot. Wait until you see it!!

But before next Sunday….. the days will finally be counted down and the wait over.

Gerard Butler’s new move 300 will be released this Friday, March 9 and I will have seen it!

The movie is the cinematic recreation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel, 300, telling of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. A small force of 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas (Butler) hold back an invasion of the huge Persian army for three days. The brave 300 fight to the death, ultimately losing the battle, but because of them, the Persian army sustained astronomical losses, Greece was never conquered, and Western Civilization was preserved!

The movie, as you can imagine, will be very violent, but the innovative cinematography promises to present the images in a unique form. Like in the movie Sin City, Zack Snyder filmed the actors against a blue screen, computer generating the setting details afterward. To learn more about 300 and to view some amazing movie trailers, go to the 300 internet site

What, besides it being Diane’s latest obsession, connects the movie 300 to the Regency Period?
That is your question of the day, my friends!!!

Ha ha! You think I’m done but there is more anticipation in my beating little heart.

EHarlequin is going to post their Readers Choice Awards on March 14. My A Reputable Rake is up for Favorite Historical and Mistletoe Kisses is up for Favorite Anthology.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to go to eHarlequin and vote for your favorites. You will have to sign in or register, but that is an easy matter (just look for the little sign-in icon in the upper right corner). Vote HERE.

I’m not done yet.

By now you know that my Innocence and Impropriety is in bookstores this month. (I’ve only told you a million times!) Now I am anxiously awaiting its Reviews.

So far the reviews have been positive. Check out the ones on Amazon.com and Romance Reviews Today.

But more are due any day now…..

I’ll be Blogging about Innocence and Impropriety and the writing life on Romance Vagabonds on Wednesday, March 7. They call themselves “just a ragtag bunch of writers…” Just my kind of folks, I say!!!

And that is ALL I have to look forward to…….except doing taxes, but that is a whole other kind of anticipation!

Question Number 2 of the day: What are you looking forward to?