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    Blogs: Past Present and Future

    Blogs are one of the best developments of the Internet. They have given inividuals a chance to share their interests in everything from Period fashion to Type II Diabetes. But I think that blogs are fading in popularity. Be warned most of my evidence is anecdotal.

    First and foremost time is a factor. We all seem to have less of it. I can’t be the only one who never quite finishes the ‘to do’ list and rarely has (or makes) time to go back to the blogs I’ve saved for a few free minutes Honesty compels me to admit that I usually use those free minutes to watch TV, read or play games. There is a point where the last thing I want is something else that will make me think. So TIME is the big factor in my lessening interest in blogs.

    Facebook figures in the equation. It’s easy to share an idea there. Reddit has a generational following that is significant and you can pursue or introduce categories that interest you and hopefully find an audience who feels the same.. Pinterest is ideal for those who love a visual representation of their favorite subjects. And Twitter makes the sharing quick and pointed.

    How can blogs bear up against all those other ways to share what intrigues us?

    That said I bet we all have blogs we still follow. One of my favorites is Mimi Matthews whose field is social history: https://mimimatthews.com/category/fashion/

    So I have three questions for you. Do YOU think blogs are losing ground? Why (whether you answer yes or no.)? And finally, what blogs do you still follow and want to share? Answer one or two or all three. Thanks!

  • Risky Regencies


    RARMDid you know that August is Read A Romance month? it’s a growing movement started by romance advocate Bobbi Dumas who reviews for NPR, the New York Times and Kirkus.  Click on this link for details on RARM:  http://www.readaromancemonth.com/about-read-a-romance-month-2/

    This year I am participating along with 92 other authors including, among others Regency authors, Joanna Bourne, Lauren Wittig, Cathy Maxwell, Caroline Linden and Jade Lee. There are 93 authors in all, three each day of the month. Authors answer questions based on this year’s theme, books they recommend and more personal recollections of romantic moments in their own lives.

    Take a minute to check out the calendar, make a copy and be sure to share the details with your friends http://www.readaromancemonth.com/author-calendar-2016/ See if some of your favorite authors are interviewed, come by on their day, read and comment.

    MY DATE is Monday August 21. PARM2I’ll remind you more than once so you WILL remember.

    I read, write and love romance! Have you heard of Read A Romance Month before this post? Do you have any other favorite sites that celebrate romance?

  • Risky Regencies


    For many readers I suspect that one of the most appealing aspects of Regency life is its simplicity. In fact the day-to-day life of the well born may have been annoyingly busy but, in the fantasy world that most of us write, the characters live a life at a leisure pace the 21st century reader can only dream about. Or maybe enjoy on a solo vacation or a religious retreat.

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I try to find a way to simplify a life that involves a lot of travel, mentoring some promising writers, welcoming spring with gardening, taking care of the endless threatening health issues and, oh yes, trying to work in writing and exercise

    Believing in baby steps I no longer answer the phone and rely on people to leave messages which I can return at my convenience. Dinner is on the table as a finished meal only two or three nights a week thanks to a spouse who is okay with peanut butter and crackers (or occasionally will cook for both of us)

    But I need to simplify not just eliminate. I could cancel our cable. That would end the distraction of TV but would not be fair to the rest of the household who depend on it for evening entertainment. Maybe I could reduce email to twice a day. But even that would take a good bit of time. Move to a less convivial neighborhood where neighbors do not stop in? Not an option if I want to stay married.

    As I typed this I remembered the solution. I read it in the Washington Post years ago. A woman came to a therapist asking what she could do about a life that was out of control. His answer is THE ANSWER and I’m relieved that writing this post reminded me: IF YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR INNER LIFE YOUR OUTER LIFE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSLEF.

    Did that advice work for the patient? I have no idea but I will tell you it has always worked for me. Until I lose sight of it.  So it’s back to evening meditation and extra time at church to just sit and absorb the silence. I KNOW it will work because it has in the past.

    Tell me what is the beas advice you ever absorbed, acted on and discovered was the truth?

    *In the pursuit of simplicity I have no pictures. Far from home and access to my photos!

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