So I have a son. A 12 year-old son. And he is currently in seventh grade at a gifted and talented school (the Proud Mom says) studying creative writing (New York City has middle school kids do ‘major’s, and that’s his).

He is super-creative, super-talented, and has a huge vocabulary. So far, so yay.
But–be careful what you wish for, since he is as big a reader as I was at his age. Which is to say, he reads to the exclusion of most other things, including taking a bath within 30 minutes, retrieving something from his room (“I got distracted!”), and concentrating on doing homework. There’s always a book nearby, and we just redid his room to accommodate his huge collection of manga.
So when I find myself griping about how much he reads, I have to hit myself. How great is that? Were all of you like that, too?
PS: Still waiting for the potentially excellent news I was hoping for last week. Fingers still crossed.