Okay, so accept, for a brief moment of premise-accepting, that the world (as we know it) is ending tomorrow.

What would you do today?

I would:

–call my friends and tell them I love them. Thankfully, that is a lot of phone calls (I would get phone ear, but that’s a small price to pay).

–chill the super-pricy champagne we’ve had in our wine rack forever; drink it, at some point, before Saturday at 6:00pm.

–wear one of my loudest, longest maxi-dresses all day. Put glitter on my eyelids AND my skin.

–watch my favorite films: Pride and Prejudice, House of Flying Daggers, North and South.

–hug my husband and son for hours until I squoze them to pieces.

–take a guilt-free nap.

–burn my TBR pile, maybe, so I didn’t have to regret not reading anything. Maybe not. That seems like a waste of a lot of good books.

–read the ends of books so I could know what happened.

–eat nuts and cheese ALL DAY!

What would you do?