Pin-up model Bettie Page died today; in the course of her career, Page was photographed approximately 20,000 times, mostly in lingerie, often in bondage, sometimes with other women.

What I like best about those photographs is the ineffable sense of fun she seems to be having, even while getting spanked or whatever; she’s got this joyous gleam in her eye that is just captivating.

People can, will and have argued about whether photographs like the ones Page was featured in exploit women (and I’m not certain how I feel), but there’s no denying that she was a star. And that her figure–spectacular and special as it is–is that of a normal woman.

The two primary things I take away from viewing Page’s image is what I like to imbue into my heroines (and wish I had more of myself), no matter what the time period: Be comfortable and adult about sensual feelings and impulses, and be comfortable with your body, even if it’s not perfect.

I can’t explain why I–and millions of others–have been captivated by Page’s image, but it’s there, and maybe the freedom felt in her pin-up shots hold a clue to the allure.

So–in that free spirit–what do you love most about yourself, either looks-wise, personality-wise or something else? As usual, I feel the need to overshare and answer first:

I love my eyes.
I am fond of my small waist.
And I like to think I can usually find the snarky spin of any situation. Which makes me and others laugh.

What about you?