I am a dog.

Which is not to say I think I’m ugly; no, I am a specific kind of dog, namely Pavlov’s. Let me explain.

In addition to being a book freak, I’ve also always been a music geek. My dad stuck a radio playing jazz under my crib the first night home from the hospital, and I’ve been hooked on music ever since.

In high school, I was a new waver, sporting a bleached-blonde streak in my hair, buying pricey British imports, and wearing ripped tights. In college, I went downtown to see bands that played at 3 in the morning, then took the subway home. I dyed my hair purple, wore multiple earrings, and spent all my money on records.

After college, I got a job in the music industry. I spent 15 years writing about up-and-coming bands and being the first to know about any new musical trend. After I got laid off from my last job, however, I slacked on my music knowledge. I was burned out.

Now, however, my previous passion has reared its head with a vengeance, and I am compiling playlists to listen to while writing. Now just hearing any of the songs on my respective books’ lists is enough to make me think about the book, which explains the Pavlov’s dog thing.

Lately I’ve been loving Duffy, Adele, Estelle, Santagold, Amos Lee and Kid Sister. I did the playlist for On Bold Adventure/Road To Desire (title yet TBD, as you can see) in about five minutes, and each song echoes one or the other of the hero and heroine’s emotional or physical state. I’ve listed it here:

Little Boy Soldiers The Jam
Wasteland The Jam
Chasing Pavements Adele
Burning Sky The Jam
Back In Black AC/DC
The Real Me The Who
The Eton Rifles The Jam
Wax And Wane Cocteau Twins
Thunder Kiss ’65 White Zombie
I Can’t Quit You Baby Led Zeppelin
The Punk And The Godfather The Who
Ivo Cocteau Twins
Drive Blind Ride
You My Lunar Queen Cousteau
Ladykillers Lush
She Don’t Hear Your Prayer Cousteau
Wayfaring Stranger Jack White
Rag & Bone The White Stripes
You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) The White Stripes

Do you make playlists for writing? What is your favorite artist or song right now? Does music inspire you? Who’s the most emotional musical artist you can think of?