It’s Friday, the Friday before Mother’s Day, which means I can look forward to a weekend where I don’t have to do quite as much as usual.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Sleep late for me.

And, unlike in many of the weeks prior to this one, I actually wrote. So yay!

[SPOILER ALERT–I tried to work the font so you wouldn’t be spoiled, but it’s so not working, so be warned]

Now onto some reading commentary; I started reading Eileen Dreyer’s Never A Gentleman because of a review (the site I work for) posted. And, OMG, she breaks one of the most cardinal rules in romance novels:

Her hero has sex with another woman after marrying the heroine.

And Dreyer makes it work. I am loving this book, and it breaks some other rules, too; the heroine is nearly six feet tall, plain, with a limp. Of course, being a romance novel, you think she’s going to get transformed into some statuesque beauty with the clever application of clothing, cosmetics, make a haircut; yes, she is made more attractive by some better clothing, but she is still plain–which the hero acknowledges after falling in love with her. And he is still very much attracted to her because of her mind, her wit, her honor.

I personally love it when authors stand conventions on their head. I know the spoiler above is a total deal-breaker for most readers, but in this context, for me, it worked.

What are other deal-breakers? Who’s the author who breaks convention the most?