We usually do an interview or a guest blog for our featured Sunday authors, but my friend Christine Trent, who is scheduled to talk about her February book, By The King’s Design, today, wound up having family stuff (not family crisis–just stuff) that made it impossible.

Christine still wants to give away one signed copy of By The King’s Design to one lucky commenter, though. We’ll do the selection by Monday night.

Here’s the back cover blurb of By The King’s Design.

Annabelle “Belle” Stirling inherited the family draper shop from her late father, only to have it sabotaged by her ne’er-do-well brother, Wesley. Belle travels to London to seek redress, and while there, the Prince Regent, future King George IV, commissions her to provide fabrics for his Royal Pavilion. As Belle’s renown spreads, she meets handsome cabinetmaker Putnam Boyce, but worries that marriage will mean sacrificing her now flourishing shop. When Wesley plots to kidnap the newly crowned King, Belle finds herself entangled in a duplicitous world of shifting allegiances, where every choice could have unexpected consequences for her future, her safety, and her kingdom…

Read the Reviews:

The book’s greatest strength is its sympathetic and interesting heroine, who manages to be capable and indomitable without being anachronistic…a fine quiet evening read, with a rare Regency heroine who loves her work and does it well.–Publishers Weekly

Four Stars!
In the tradition of Rosalind Laker, Trent pens stories that illustrate the role women played in the world of art and commerce. She draws readers into the life of a 19th- century interior designer with an enticing backdrop of a love story between a strong woman and a man who is her equal.–RTBook Reviews

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Christine’s By The King’s Design, as do her other books, includes real historical figures–the Prince Regent, Jane Austen. What historical figure would you like to see in a historical book?