Amanda is off dealing with computer stuff, so I am filling in today!

Let me tell you what I did last night. Nope, it wasn’t stay at home and cajole the middle-grader to get his homework done; that’s every other night!
I went to Lady Jane’s Salon, a monthly event in New York City that has since spread to other metropolises. Lady Jane’s is a social gathering where romance authors come to read from their upcoming or current works, usually about three authors in total, and always a vast mix of genres.
Cara Elliot, whose Too Tempting to Resist is out April 24, was one of the three reading authors last night, and her scene, where the heroine inadvertently gets herself stuck into some velvet-padded handcuffs, was delicious! The hero attempts to get her out of them–you know, as heroes do–only he is entirely unclothed, they are in his bedroom, and they’ve already shared one passionate kiss.
Ahem. Let’s just say, it was one frisky scene.
We’ve talked about it before, but let me reiterate that there is something profoundly special about spending real time with people who read and love the same things you do. Having authors share their passion to a room full of devoted romance readers is an incredible experience, and I am preordering Cara’s book today.
Have you gotten to see any authors read before? Who was it, and did it give you a deeper understanding of the book?