This week, we’re talking about our favorites of 2006. Of course, that raises the question… Our favorite whats? For the sake of argument, or, rather, lack thereof, I will limit it to favorite books/movies/plays that I can at least pretend have something to do with the Regency or Regency Romance.


1. I had great fun with Naomi Novik’s imaginative Regency dragon book, HIS MAJESTY’S DRAGON (known as TEMERAIRE in the UK). It was the Regency background we know, crossed with Anne McCaffrey, with some Patrick O’Brian thrown in. Great fun!

2. I just loved Jennie Klassel’s THE LADY DOTH PROTEST. It’s a romantic romp set during the Middle Ages — no, I’d never heard of such a thing either! It’s broad and hilarious and bizarre, and I’d never read anything like it. And it’s link to the Regency is….that there once upon a time were a lot of Regency romps out there. (Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch.)

3. I really loved the science fiction novel SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson. Todd and I both voted for it to win the Hugo Award this year, and then it won, convincing us we were invincible. And the link to Regency Romance is…um…. Well, there’s a love story in it…

4. I loved the FIREBIRDS anthology of fantasy stories, and its follow-up, FIREBIRDS RISING. Fantastic authors. And the link to Regency romance is…um…well, I really liked it, and I like Regencies too.


1. Okay, here’s something that has a real Regency link! TRISTRAM SHANDY. Bizarre and massive book. Massively bizarre movie, though not quite as random as the book. Very funny. Very weird. Has a childbirth scene in for Elena! Go rent it. (Released in Britain as “A Cock and Bull Story.”)

2. Other movies that I either really liked this year, or that I liked better than I expected, included: MUNICH, THROUGH A SCANNER DARKLY, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, THE PRESTIGE, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, THE QUEEN, MARIE ANTOINETTE, and THE FOUNTAIN. (And by now you’ve all seen through my ruse of pretending this have any link to the Regency, so I won’t keep on with it. Well, except I guess that MARIE ANTOINETTE does actually have some relation. Or maybe THE QUEEN.)


1. I saw the RSC put on all three of Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays in one day, at their cool new theatre in Stratford. That was really exciting, fascinating, and fun (believe it or not).

Well, those were my favorites, as I remember them! If you read/saw any of these, what did you think?

Cara King, author of MY LADY GAMESTER — which is also one of my favorite novels, albeit in a rather different manner