Thanks to Carolyn for filling in for me yesterday!  We are taking over each other’s identities this week (though I would probably get her fired from her day job, so maybe that’s not such a good idea…)  It’s been a little crazy getting caught up around here after RWA and my much-too-short beach vacation after.  I have to turn in my second Elizabethan mystery, “Murder at Westminster Abbey” on (gulp!) the 15th, the weather is ridiculously hot here just as my car AC decided to die, and I have no ideas for fun, clever blog posts.  Nada.  Naught.

But there is fun going on, too!  I have been reading lots of good stuff.  Just finished CW Gortner’s The Queen’s Vow, about Isabella of Castile.  I love Gortner’s historical fiction, and was so excited to start this one.  Have not been at all disappointed!


I’ve also been watching some TV.  I just discovered that one of my favorite mystery series, Kerry Greenwood’s 1920s “Phryne Fisher” books, have a TV series that goes along with them!!!  I got them on Netflix and have been glomming episodes all week.  The stories are truncated into an hour format, of course, but the actress is spot-on right for Phryne and the costumes are to-die.


I’ve been researching for the next WIP, my Brazil-set Regency!  I found this book, “Tropical Versailles,” on ABE Books and it’s proving invaluable.  I can’t wait to start writing this one!  (though I still think I need a little research trip to Rio, just to be sure…)


But life hasn’t been all work!  Last weekend I went with some friends to a Murder Mystery Dinner at a local b&b.  The story was set in the 1940s, so out came my aunt’s velvet vintage gown (sadly, the house’s AC also went out that night, so velvet–yeah, not a good idea), character assignments were studied, and mysteries were solved.  I learned some stuff about plotting that night.  1) Too many characters (there were over 50 in this story) gets really confusing, and not everyone can play a real part…  2) Making your murderer characters who are “out of sight” and not talked about in the story is a bit of a cheat 3) Wine and summer humidity make people punch-drunk 4) This is a ton of fun!!



But fun is over for now, and I am off to finish this book!  What have you been doing this week?