The biggest message I have today is that…Cathy Decker’s Regency pages are back!

They have been down before and down for some time, but this last time I worried that they would not be back. But today I checked, and there they are. If you haven’t visited Cathy’s Regency pages before, do it now–and if you have seen them before (which may be most of us) it’s worth going again.

If you check out her home page, she has an explanation of what is happening with her site. It is a mammoth contribution, so I am not surprised that all the links do not work all of the time. I’m not bothered at all as long as she keeps the site going! Yes, there are
other Regency sites, but I believe that hers is the best, in sheer volume of information and in the detail that she is able to present. I say that primarily because she mentioned her journal pages where she has included written content when available (from such as “The Gallery of Fashion”). I don’t know of another site which has such a complete collection of fashion plates/journal pages from the Regency period.

Cathy’s Regency pages also contain some of her own articles, being a student of the period. I should mention that Cathy Decker is Dr. Cathy Decker with a PhD in 18th Century British Literature and the novel, and teaches in the Dept. of Psychology at the University of California at Riverside. I won’t try to explain how her degree and psychology are connected, only that she has worked with the Psycholinguistics and Computational Cognition Lab. If you are curious, go here:

I know that the lab site is the old location of her pages:

Being me, I of course visited the lab cats page!

The portrait image is from the Elisabeth Louise Le Brun Art page, which is one of the pages linked to Cathy’s site.

Well, that’s all for today…go check out Cathy’s Regency pages!

Laurie Bishop
Signet, January 2005