This week I am doing a giveaway to celebrate passing the mark of 100,000 ebooks sold. 🙂  Being a writer, I ought to be able to find the words to express how it makes me feel to see my stories getting a new life and reaching new readers.  But all I can say is I’m doing the happy dance, thought perhaps not quite as gracefully as this lady!
As I look at my backlist, I remember how much fun I had writing each book. The traditional Regency genre may have been a niche that didn’t pay well, but my editors allowed me a lot of creative freedom. I could let the sex happen naturally and go as far (or not) as it made sense for the couple and the story. I could experiment with everything from a romp to a Gothic. I took my characters everywhere from the villages of the Cotswolds to the Cornish coast. My heroes were not all rakes; I could give the nice guys a chance, too.
I indulged in a lot of different fantasies with these books. It’s one of the great things about being a romance writer and reader. Even if you’re happily married, a little fantasy never hurts!
Since I’m in a good creative place, my current favorite fantasy is my work-in-progress. At other times it may more closely resemble a demon-infested swamp, but right now it’s wonderful. Much of the story takes place in the South Downs of Sussex, a spot I chose because it’s a plausible balloon-ride from London and also because I lived there for three years on international assignment. This picture shows the South Downs Way, parts of which I have hiked. My hero looks a bit like John Corbett, not the way he was in Sex and the City but the way he was in Northern Exposure.
What would your favorite romantic fantasy be? Is it based on a book or film? Where is it set?  Who does the hero look like?
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