Today’s post is the beginning of a two-parter. Watch for part two from Megan on Friday! The two of us sat together at the RITA awards at RWA (and probably drove our neighbors crazy with the whispering–sorry, neighbors!). We sat behind the giant screen in the middle of the room, and had a fabulous time watching the parade of fashions go by. Here are a few tips we came up with to remember when packing for conference:

A little leopard print can be great! Shoes are always good…

Scarves are good (just ask Emma Hamilton! But you can leave the leopard head at home)

But it can be easy to go a little overboard…
All-white can be fresh, summery, and youthful! A good choice in the steamy cities of RWA

But too much can say “Demented Bride”!
Nice walking shorts with cute shoes–Yes!
Sloppy cut-offs–maybe not. And be sure you can sit in your skirt!!!

Dress-over-jeans–Yes or No?

In a room of 3000 women, a nice pair of shoes will get you noticed faster than anything! (Just be sure you can walk in them…)

Abigail Adams knew the power of nice shoes
So did Martha Washington!
Make sure your clothes fit…
Bring shawls for air-conditioned workshop rooms
Most of all, be comfortable and have fun!!!

What are some of your favorite “do’s” for conference?