And the two winners of the BBC/A&E 10th Anniversary limited edition Pride and Prejudice package, which includes both the DVDs of the award-winning miniseries and the illustrated companion book, are:

drumroll, please……..


Congratulations to both of you! Just send your contact info to Cara at, and then sit back and wait until Colin Firth arrives in your mailbox.

We wish we had enough Colin Firth Darcys that we could send one to every one of our fabulous commenters — but we don’t. Of course, if you like, you can visit the A&E online store and order your very own Colin Firth Darcy.

And if you’ve enjoyed visiting us this week, do come back often! We have lots of fun here, plus passionate discussions about topics ranging from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY to Regency rakes, from 19th century medicine to writer’s block, and from books we love to covers we hate.

Remember — Mr. Darcy will be here….waiting for you….

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