It’s been an exciting week here at the Riskies: Both Amanda and Janet have new books out, and the other 2/3rds of us are very proud.

It’s always gratifying when a friend achieves an important accomplishment: sometimes I think half the purpose of belonging to writers’ groups is to be able to receive the accolades (and ‘cyber chocolate,’ although Literal Me took the longest time to figure out what that was. I never said I was smart. Oh, wait; yes, I did.) when something cool happens. I love being able to share someone else’s special moment.

I think camaraderie, even–and perhaps even more so–in the cyber age, is crucial for anyone engaged in a somewhat solitary pursuit, whether it’s writing, telecommuting, knitting (hi, KJ!), or being a stay-at-home parent (hi, Me!)

Do you belong to any groups where communal support is an essential element? How do you guys celebrate? If you don’t, where do you find your own private cheerleaders?

So I raise my faux-cyber glass of champagne to my fellow Riskies in tribute: Congratulations, ladies! And may you be able to return the toast to the rest of us very soon!

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