This is such an exciting contest! I’m thrilled we can offer it. I hope you will enter now and come back every day this week to enter again, and, at the same time, share a love of the Regency with us.

To enter, all you have to do is put a comment on our blogs. Say something more than “nice blog.” Tell us what you think about what we say, or tell us what you liked about the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice. The only other thing is, you have to live in the US or Canada to win, because the DVD is formatted for Region 1. On Sunday Oct 8 we’ll select the winners at random. Two of you lucky people!

You really should look at the A&E Store, because there are extras included in this 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Pride & Prejudice, as well as a lot of other wonderful things to buy!

It is always a joy to watch this mini-series. In 2003, when Amanda and I returned from our Regency Tour of England (a tour created by my friend Patty Suchy of Novel Explorations, Inc.), Amanda spent a day at my house. You know what we did? We watched the whole 310 minutes of Pride & Prejudice, drooling over Mr. Darcy and screaming “We were there!” whenever we found a place we’d visited. Later, my critique partners, Darlene Gardner, Karen Ander, Lisa Dyson and our friend, Marjanna, wanted to learn more about the Regency time period, because all they knew about it was what they read in my books. So we gathered for a night of Pride & Prejudice! And, of course, they loved it.

One of the things my friends did not understand about the P&P mini series was why Jane was considered the beautiful Bennet daughter and not Lizzie. “I think she is prettier than Jane,” one of them said.

This is where I think the filmmakers were so masterful in their casting! Because I think Jane (played by actress Susannah Harker) is the ideal Regency beauty.
Take a look and compare to this detail of one of my 1815 La Belle Assemblee fashion prints:
Jane has the same oval face, pointed chin, big wide eyes as the 1815 image. She could have modeled for the ladies magazine!

Now look at Lizzie (Jennifer Ehle) compared to another 1815 fashion print detail:
Lizzie’s face is round and her complexion is rosier, not pale like Jane’s. Her mouth is full. Her “fine eyes” are not as large and round as Jane’s and the La Belle Assemblee ladies.

Luckily, however, Mr. Darcy learns to appreciate that pair of “fine eyes.”

I am certain we can all agree, however, that Mr. Darcy is the perfect Regency gentleman!

What do you think of the casting of Pride & Prejudice? Did they get Jane Austen’s characters right? Who would you have cast differently? Mr. Collins, maybe? Lydia?
Do you have a favorite character in the cast?

Let us know and you will be entered in our contest!