I just got this new cover art from Hot Damn Designs and I couldn’t be more happy!

Thank you all for helping me brainstorm cover ideas and titles. Based on your inputs, I decided to leave the original title. The last thing I want to do is look like I’m trying to sucker readers into buying the same book twice.

Since the cover artist was so quick, I’m going to scramble to get the formatting done so I can start publishing on Kindle, Nook, etc…

I also want to update my website and consider other ways to possibly increase my online presence. I enjoy blogging and would love to get back to visiting more blogs than our own! So far I haven’t done an author page on Facebook and I am clueless about Twitter, but these are things I’m looking into as well.

I often find out about new authors by word of mouth. I’m lucky enough to have friends with similar enough taste to mine that I’ll always enjoy their recommendations. The nice thing about word of mouth is it’s based on writing a good book, which is something I’m already trying to do. Preserving the writing time is very, very important to me.

But I also think one may have to do some things to get that word of mouth going, though I’m not sure what they are.

What do you think? Since you are here, I’ll assume you enjoy blogs. Are there other ways you find new (to you) authors? I’ve heard Facebook may be declining; do you think it’s dead or just leveled out? How about Twitter?