I pride myself on not taking anything for granted (though the Spouse might disagree if I do or not), and I enjoy every Season; the stark, snowy ravages of winter, the delicious crisp smell as fall arrives, the steamy summer where I can go for months without wearing socks.

But Spring is special. And this Spring, with the winter the Northeast has had, is extra-special. I cannot wait for it to arrive.

Earlier this week, on my day off, I headed out to the library to pick up more books I don’t have time to read (it’s a sickness), and on my walk home, I noticed some brave little green shoots poking out of some folks’ front yards.

Crocuses? Daffodils? My breath caught. I think it’s early days yet, but I do think Spring is on its way, and the first sign, the absolute very first sign, for me is usually the first sighting of crocuses. Not even the flowers, yet, just the green parts edging up from the ground.

Oh, yay. It’s been a long winter. I’ve liked the winter, but I’m okay with it being done. I’m tired of being cold. I want to wear a coat that’s chosen for how cute it is, not how much warmth it offers.

What about you? Any signs of spring in your area?


P.S.: And I found time to write again this week! Second week in a row! Yay!