Today is a sad day of remembrance, and there are plenty of well-written tributes to what today means. I was in New York City that day, and it is etched forever in my memory. But I don’t feel as though it is appropriate for me to go on and on about what it meant, because you guys know already (and see above, plenty of well-written tributes).


So today I’m gonna talk about something totally frivolous: Fall fashion. Specifically, the turn in beauty towards darker colors. This morning, I met a friend for coffee, and he had a birthday present for me (aww!). It was an OPI nail polish shade I’d twittered about, their line of matte shades. This one is Lincoln Park After Dark, which I also have on my toes (the regular glossy version, and it’s kinda chipped, but I am wearing socks for the first time in ages ’cause it’s cold, so you can’t see).

Last fall, fashion mags and blogs were talking about black lipstick, a trend I TOTALLY would have jumped on 20 years ago. Not so much now. Not many people rocked the trend in real life, makes sense given how perfect the rest of you has to look to make it look okay, but once again, they’re saying black lipgloss is in style.

I love the return of fall–and today in New York, it’s really fall-like, kinda rainy and dreary and cold (hence the socks. I hate wearing socks). Sweaters, and pumpkins, and dark, intense colors (the same friend said once I like to wear “dark bruise” colors, I think). I won’t be wearing black lipstick, but I am definitely putting away some of my brighter colors in favor of the dark.
What is the most outrageous beauty trend you’ve tried–or been tempted to try? What’s your favorite thing about fall?


PS: If you are in the New York City area and want to attend a special book event at SiriusXM on Monday, here are the deets: SiriusXM will be taping a “Book Radio Presents” special with our three hosts— Pia Lindström, Maggie Linton and Kim Alexander—and leading women’s fiction authors Jennifer Weiner, Julie Buxbaum and Lucinda Rosenfeld. Blogger Ron Hogan will join us for a roundtable discussion, interview, Q & A and reading with these three leading contemporary women authors to talk about live, love, the meaning of best friends/friendship and other themes from their books. Doors open 1:30 pm, we will tape the interview/broadcast from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, and then have a reception from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. Please RSVP to Hillary Schupf, and bring photo ID for security desk.