Happy Saturday!

Today my son returns from his long time away at Family Camp (in other words, my relatives took him for a few weeks while he went to sailing school), and I cannot wait to enfold him in hugs. Thankfully, he’s not too old yet to mind being smooshed by his mom. I’m assuming that will happen sometime, but for right now I can hug him with impunity.

In writing news, I’m working on the revision for my Regency-set historical, and realizing a few sad truths about my heroine. Namely, I have to give her some more good reasons to want to leave this incredibly handsome, wealthy guy she’s just married. Good enough reasons, I hope, not to make a reader’s brow furrow.

So trying to figure out why an impoverished vicar’s daughter would want to turn her back on all that is taking up about 40% of my brain. The Olympics have 30%, and the remaining 30% is divided between enough coffee, maxi dresses, my current read, how messy my house is, and beer.

What’s taking up space in your brain?