Every once in a while I browse the Jane Austen Centre’s online gift shop. I’ve ordered gifts from the catalogue in the past, most notably the I love Darcy totebags as gifts to my writing friends one Christmas.

If I had money to burn, here is what I’d buy:

The caption reads: “Feel like Jane Bennett and dream of your Mr Bingley!”
I don’t know if I’d dream of Bingley, but I love the nightgown
Price: $51.84

Maybe I’d actually write in a journal if I owned this one.
Cost: $48.60

Because one cannot ever have too many totebags and this is a very pretty one!
Cost: $21.06
A coffee mug!

“I am half agony, half hope.”
The romantic line Capt. Wentworth wrote to Ann.
Cost: $24.30

This CD features music Jane would have played.
Cost: $19.44
That’s enough of an indulgence for now. Any of these items are affordable (some costumes from the giftshop are not), if extravagant. Furthermore, I don’t need any of them!
What is on your wishlist? Jane Austen Centre or otherwise, what things do you pine for, things you really could afford, but that seem too frivolous to actually purchase?
Don’t forget that Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy is on sale at eHarlequin right now and will be on bookstore shelves Aug 23.