Or would you just like to dream about one?

Then you probably would like to know where to go to get a Regency wedding dress. In the Regency, many ladies simply married in their best gown, which may have been white, or may not have been. Weddings were not grand like the one we’re anticipating between Prince William and his Kate. They were private affairs, with only those closest to the family. Today weddings can be as grand as William and Kate’s or as humble as the bride, groom, and a witness.
But today most brides want a dress. A WHITE one…and it could be a Regency one.
First stop might be The Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop. They offer a lovely, authentically cut, Regency dress suitable for a wedding.
Or you could ask Jessamyn of Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion to make you this dress.
Or ask Foxglovegowns to custom-make this one.
Or you can buy this one from an Etsy Shop
Or you can borrow mine!!
Can you tell I’m using every spare moment to write Leo’s Story, my Diamonds of Welbourne Manor-connected book?
Can you also tell that one of my favorite TV shows is Say Yes To The Dress?
Which gown do you pick?