I must tell you that next week it will all about the one year anniversary of Hidden Paradise and the Baltimore Book Festival, where I’ll be speaking and reading from the WUR (that’s the Work Under Reconstruction) on Friday, September 27. But to maybe win a signed book (including one of mine) and start planning your attendance, check out this post all about the festival at the Romantic Times blog today.

I want to talk a bit about the Work Under Reconstruction today. It’s my first venture into self-pubbing and I’m a bit nervous about it. Its title, rather than referring to it as the WUR, is A Certain Latitude. It was published six years ago and was my major flop for many and good reasons, one being that it wasn’t that good a book. It had moments–many of them–but as a whole it didn’t do the job. Well, you try writing a book about sex and abolitionists and see what happens…

So I’ve been rewriting. Mostly I’ve been trying to make sense of the heroine. I think I have her nailed now (haw de haw haw, so do both the heroes).  About five times in the last couple of months I’ve hit save, turned off the computer and grandly announced “I’m done!”

The last time was yesterday afternoon. Then one of my beta readers gave me a fantastic analysis of the book that I read last night in which she suggested something about my favorite chapter. And she said … she said get rid of it. Noooooooooooooo.

But then I went to bed and had an amazing dystopian, Stockholm syndrome type of dream that tied into a novella I’m planning to write and I woke up with that bouncing around in my head and also absolutely clear about what I was going to do in terms of sorting out my heroine some more. And yes, it does involve cutting that chapter. It will make the book shorter, it will make it tighter and stronger and I need to go write what I have to do on the back of an envelope before I forget. Or maybe this blog is the equivalent.

Thanks, Anna!

Do you find dreams sort things out for you? Do you remember dreams at all? Do share, within reason.