As you can tell, ALL of the SIX Risky Regencies are in San Francisco at the RWA National Convention.

There have been excellent workshops, squee-worthy author sightings, some lovely gowns (and pantaloons! Go Amanda!) and the occasional cocktail. Ahem.

But I am not here today to talk about the fun we’re having.

No, as is my wont, I am here to talk about dealing with things that are outside of our normal ken–in my case, dealing with loads of people.

I live in Brooklyn, New York, a city that is quite bustling. I see many different types of people during the course of my daily routine. But, and this is the difference between my usual routine and now, I DON’T SAY HI TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Nor do I have to look and act friendly. Or look good, if I don’t want to.

But here? Here I am wearing my sartorial best, each and every day, wearing make-up each and every day, smiling, saying hi, remembering people’s names and what genres they write, each and ever day.

It’s exhausting. And draining for someone as introverted as me.

But Conference–and its accompanying sturm und drang–comes but once a year. Like Christmas. A gynecological exam. A birthday.

So I remind myself that this is my community, I can suck it up for just a few more days, and I sneak up to the room for naps and alone time.

But I look forward to being back in New York City, where I can finally be alone.

What about you–do you need alone time? Or thrive on company? And do you have any tricks for remembering people’s name without having to stare at the nametag on their chest?


PS: The pic is relevant in that it is a small crowd, but more to the point, has the heroes of both my WIPs–Djimon Hounsou and Sean Bean–together. How cool is that?