I’ve been even more busy than usual lately, so my apologies for not having a Regency-related post. I recently delivered my oldest back to college and my youngest just started back at high school. It’s been a maelstrom of back to school shopping, helping to plan the children and youth programs for this year at my UU church, plus redecorating my youngest’s bedroom. She was finally ready to let go of the ladybugs and butterflies I painted on her walls before she was born. The walls are now the color of strawberry ice cream–so cheerful! Painting over the murals made us a little weepy (we took lots of pictures). It was also a challenge, requiring 4 coats in some places, but it was also a lot of fun and we’re both thrilled with how it turned out.

Writing, however, has still been on the back burner. Last February, I posted about Going Home, the need to take some time to deal with a situation that has been affecting my writing for a long time. Unfortunately, the situation is ongoing but I’ve grown stronger and recently I started doing some CPR on my writing career.

Due to some rather boring problems related to European VAT tax laws, I had unpublished my ebooks from every place except Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ve resolved the problems and recently republished all my titles at Apple and Kobo and hope to get them out to other sites as well.

I’m also working on plans to get back to the writing itself. Although taking a break was the right thing at the time and my situation is still challenging, at this point any work I do will be an empowering act, even if it’s a few hours a week at a coffee shop.

I’m also looking forward to the usual pleasures of the season: apple picking, fresh apple cider, baking with pumpkin, fall foliage.

Anyone else looking forward to fall? Any transitions in your lives?