First solipsistic things first*:

I hope soon to be able to post some good news about writing and all, but I can’t just yet. So a discreet yay! from me will have to suffice.

In other news, fall has hit the East Coast hard, necessitating long sleeves and closed-toe shoes (can I just say how much I hate wearing socks? No clue why, I just do).

Meanwhile, I’ve finished the behemoth that is the fifth book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga (if you watch HBO, you know it as Game of Thrones). This book is the sole reason I finally agreed to go digital, and got a Kindle for my birthday last month. And I do not regret it! Instead of making my shoulder ache by schlepping around a 1000+ page book, I got to carry a slim electronic device. Which, when I finished the book, also had other books I could immediately access.

I’ve lent it to the spouse for his subway reading, and have returned to print books, but I miss that sucker already (The Kindle, not the spouse. Him I don’t miss so much, seeing him every day and all).

It’s really exciting to see how many Regency-era novels are available in Kindle that were previously only a) crazy pricey or b) tattered and falling apart on the keeper shelf. Including our own Elena Greene’s Lady Dearing’s Masquerade!

So while I prepare to launch back into writing, I’m having some fun perusing what I can get for my new friend. I am guessing most of you have already made the digital leap; what do you like best about e-reading?


*This pic is of Idris Elba, who is up for an Emmy this Sunday for his performance in Luther, the second season of which starts airing on BBC America Sept. 28th. A good actor, and easy on the eyes.