Oh, yeesh! In between being sick and the ridiculously moist weather over here on the East Coast, I totally forgot today was MY DAY (to post, that is).

My news is no news: I’ve been reading the same book for nigh on three weeks now, which is likely the longest it’s taken me to read something since diving back into romance. It’s not a romance, and is dense and full of world-building stuff, so I haven’t been able to zip through it.

It’s Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, a super-cool SF-type book about people who transmit their souls into new bodies, or “sleeves,” thus theoretically enabling people to live forever. Let me just say, I would not want to live forever. And not just because I would run out of books to read! I just think life would get less and less meaningful.

But I also haven’t been reading that much because I’ve been editing; my agent is interested in submitting a work that was okay, but not perfect. The revision I am doing now takes it closer to better, I hope, and we’ll see what happens with it. In fact, I am going to print out Carolyn’s post from earlier this week and use it as a general guideline to figure my revising out. Not that she hasn’t told me the same info in person, but my brain can’t seem to retain more than a few essential nuggets of information, such as the last king of Albania (Zog) and that my husband likes spread collars on his shirts, not button-down.

On Monday, Janet will be appearing at Lady Jane’s Salon, a monthly event here in New York City to read from her new release(s). Yay! Looking forward to seeing writer friends, since all I’ve seen lately is my wan face in the mirror.

I usually love autumn, and fall, but so far it’s been a bumpy road, what with middle school and illness and such. I am, however, looking forward to fall veggies, wearing sweaters and lots and lots of hot tea; what are you looking forward to?