Happy Friday!

It’s currently approaching 60 degrees here in New York City, and that means everyone, myself included, is giddy. GIDDY, I tell you!

I’ve been unable to do much (okay, any) of my own fiction writing because I’ve taken on the job of Community Manager, Romance, for a new site, Heroes and Heartbreakers.

[In thinking about my post today, I guess it could be called Shameless Self-Promotion, only this isn’t about me. It’s not. Really.]

It’s super-cool, and I am having a blast. If you pop by, you’ll see posts from our own Laurel McKee and Carolyn Jewel, with posts from Diane Gaston happening in the future (Janet and Elena will be on-board, too, they just don’t know it yet).

But I have made a vow–and an Excel file with my friend Myretta Robens–to write my own stuff next week, so I’ll be doing that or facing my own and Myretta’s shaming words.

This weekend I’ll be watching a mooseload of Asian films so I can be inspired to return to my Asian heritage demonic hero of my Urban Fantasy. I would say it’s research, but we all know better. Plus, my husband is out of town.

Okay, so enjoy the weather–whatever yours is–and see you next week!