I am a fool for New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s because I have a smidge of OCD (and really, can you have just a smidge?), and I love dates, and numbers, and itemization, and lists.

How could I not love them? A LIST! With THINGS on it!

So this year, as usual, I’ve got the weight loss/exercise more/more productive time thing going on. I am 43-going-on-FAT right now, so I seriously have to address the weight thing. But besides that, I want to:

1. Read More Books I Actually Own:
We are moving in a month or so, and the books are overrunning the house. Plus I keep reserving ones at the library, and reading them ahead of the TBR pile. Boo, Megan, acquire more space by reading more!

2. See More Inspirational Movies:
And by that I don’t mean Chariots of Fire, or Mr. Holland’s Opus; no, I mean movies with scathingly charming heroes and passionate, opinionated heroines. Films that will inspire me to write.

3. Have More Fun, by Which I Mean Have More Sex.

4. And More Sleep (counter-intuitive to the above item, but this is my list, damn it!)

5. Keep A Somewhat Clean House (after the move, natch).

6. Um . . .

7. Forget Fewer Things

8. Get an Agent and Write Two Books

9. Sell Books, too. Not used ones, but ones I’ve written and everything.

10. Maybe do a Risky Post That Isn’t All About Me:
Falls into the “if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride” category.

Happy Friday!