Tonight, thanks to Megan’s Good “Romance in the Workplace” advice, I’m going on a date! There’s this guy at (you guessed it!) work that I’ve had a crush on for a while. But I’ve been too shy to do anything about it, because: A) I’m always too shy to ask someone out, B) Well, duh, I work with him, even though he’s in a different department, C) He’s younger than me, and oh-so cute (he looks kind of like Adrian Grenier, hence the picture). But, at Megan’s urging, I went for it, and tonight we’re going out to a wine bar! (BTW, I read in Marie Claire magazine–speaking of Megan–that Adrian plays in a “country/glam-rock/ukulele” band in his spare time, which just makes him more adorable). Now I have to decide what to wear…

Speaking of what to wear (and also of Adrian Grenier, who played Anne Hatheway’s boyfriend in Devil Wears Prada, and AH plays Jane Austen), I got the Jane Austen Centre Newsletter a few days ago. There’s an article about a costume from the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice up for sale here. It might be kind of fun to own a film costume, but: A) it costs more than $6000, money that could go far in my ‘research travel fund’, B) it’s really quite ugly, C) who could wear it besides Size Double Zero Keira? If I was going to spend thousands on a movie costume, I can think of a few I would much rather have. There are at least 3 from Marie Antoinette, the lacy green dress Gwyneth Paltrow wears to Box Hill in Emma, and the purple striped travel suit and big hat from Titanic (I still lust for that hat).

I also learned from the JAC newsletter quiz that the Austen character I most resemble is–Marianne Dashwood! I took a similar quiz a few months ago with the same result. I was kind of hoping I’d become more Lizzy Bennet-ish in the meantime, but oh well. I will just go write a dramatic poem about it!

Now, I’d better go and practice my eyeliner-applying skills for the Big Date (just bought a supposedly “user-friendly” eyeliner from Clinique, plus a gorgeous new Chanel nail poilsh called “Heatwave”–a sort of mix of pink, coral, and red, with a shimmer). Is there a particular movie costume you’d like to own? And which Austen character are you?