Oh, shoot, not only do I have NOTHING today, but I also have had a smidge-y bit of panic attack today, rendering me even more incoherent.

Of course I wonder what would’ve happened to our Regency woman who had that kind of day–she wasn’t supposed to ever be out of sorts, so what do you think she did when she felt rotten?

-Claim it was her womanly time, only she probably just had to nod her head and blink significantly, and everyone would understand. And scurry away, as if it were catching.

-Claim she had loads of letters to write to her bestest girlfriend (who just happens to be the daughter of a Marquis or something), so she’d be holed up in her room all day.

-Insist she had to finish some Very Important needlework.

-Tear her gown, then retire to her room until it was repaired.

-Encourage the men of the house to go out hunting.

-Attend to her dropsical aunt, maybe putting some cotton into her ears to avoid hearing too much.

What can you suggest our antisocial heroine could do?


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(Thanks to Pemberley.com for the Cruikshank picture!)