Since it’s the end of the week (and a loooong week it was, at least for me as we head into this irritating, er, festive season), and a week away from Jane Austen’s birthday, I thought it might be fun to try another quiz. 🙂 This one comes again from the Jane Austen Centre newsletter, and is an Austen-at-Christmas theme. I’ll post answers tomorrow. Good luck, and let us know how you do!

1) With what feelings did Fanny Price creep slowly up the staircase at Mansfield after the Christmas ball?
a) Hopes and fears
b) Restless and agitated
c) Both of the above

2) What was served at the ball?
a) Soup and negus
b) Turkey
c) Bullet pudding

3) Who usually visited the Bennetts at Christmas?
a) Mr. Collins
b) Mr. Bingley
c) The Gardiners

4) Where did they spend Christmas after Elizabeth and Darcy married?
a) Netherfield
b) London
c) Pemberley

5) Who spent Christmas at Uppercross with the Musgroves, to improve the noise at Lyme?
a) Louisa
b) The little Harvilles
c) The Crofts

6) What amusement did Mrs. Musgrove find for them?
a) Making decorations with silk and gold paper
b) Snapdragon
c) A parlor game

7) Mr. and Mrs. Weston held a party on Christmas Eve. Who was absent?
a) Emma
b) Mr. John Knightley
c) Harriet

8) What nearly prevented the party from going ahead?
a) A fever
b) A sore throat
c) Snow

9) Jane Austen was born just before Christmas in what year?
a) 1770
b) 1775
c) 1776

10) What was the main ingredient of a Regency mince pie?
a) Brandy
b) Raisins
c) Meat