As I know I’ve talked about here before, I love-love-love Pinterest!  I have to be very careful whenever I get onto the site, because it can easily be hours later by the time I’ve finished following trails of pretty dresses, rooms furnished with many bookshelves, yummy cocktails, and funny “Hey Girl” memes.  But the one most useful thing about it, I’ve found, is that it helps me keep all my book inspiration images in one easily accessed spot.  Here are a few pins for my Murder at Hatfield House book (out in 2 weeks!):


Hatfield3Images of Hatfield House itself…

ElizabethanInstruments2LuteMetMusical instruments of the period (my heroine/sleuth, Kate Haywood, is a court musician to Elizabeth I!)

Gallery5ElizSignetRingElizabethan jewelry…

ElizabethFitzgeraldLady Elizabeth Fitzgerald (“the fair Geraldine,” a kinswoman to Elizabeth, who appears in one scene…)

LilyCollins1The actress Lily Collins, who looks a bit like Kate in my mind!

AnneClevesTudor humor (this one is Anne of Cleves, but hey, it’s funny, even if it’s not quite period-correct for my story!!)

So I am not always wasting time on Pinterest!  Sometimes it is Very Important Research.  Are you on Pinterest?  What do you like about it?

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